Objectives Edit

Speak with Jol in the Vindicators' Sanctum of the Exodar.

Description Edit

The path of the Light and purity is not an easy one to walk, <name>. Even I, at times, struggle with following its course.

You should seek out my master, Jol, at the Exodar. She trained me when I was beginning my journey, and I believe she will find in you a new star pupil.

You will find Jol in the Vault of Lights of the Exodar at the Vindicators' Sanctum, a room surrounded by a vibrant glow of light.

Completion Edit

<name>, I have been expecting you.

Tullas has sung your praises and I am eager to continue your training on the path of Light. When you are ready to unlock greater understanding of your abilities and power, I will guide you.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [12] Jol
  2. Alliance 15 [12] Redemption (1)
  3. Alliance 15 [12] Redemption (2)

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