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Speak with King Varian Wrynn at Stormwind Keep.

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We have a duty, <name>.

It is our responsibility to spread the Tushui philosophy beyond the edges of the Wandering Isle... and there is no better place to start doing that than here: Stormwind City, heart of the Alliance.

Let's find out who their leader is. We need allies.


Pandaren... you're here.


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You will receive:

Dialogue Edit

Players depart the Isle via hot air balloon, to arrive at the Stormwind City gates. Awaiting them is Aysa Cloudsinger and Jojo Ironbrow.

Aysa Cloudsinger says: Let's get going, <name>. If we're going to be of any use out here, we're going to need allies.

Aysa and Jojo follow players as they begin to make their way through Stormwind...

Stormwind City Guard says: Never thought I'd see one of your kind walk through here.
General Marcus Jonathan says: Pandaren? What business do you have in Stormwind?
Aysa Cloudsinger says: We're here to join the Alliance. We seek audience with your Emperor.
General Marcus Jonathan says: Emperor? You'll find KING Varian inside Stormwind Keep.
General Marcus Jonathan eyes Jojo's pillar.
General Marcus Jonathan says: Behave yourselves inside Stormwind, pandaren. You're in Alliance territory now.
Marty says: Hey, look! Gnolls!
Josie says: Those aren't gnolls, silly. Use your eyes.
Josie says: Those are FURBOLGS.

Aysa spots a Hero's Call Board.

Aysa Cloudsinger yells: Look at this!
Aysa Cloudsinger says: Well, that's good news. Once we join the Alliance, we certainly won't run out of things to do.

Continuing on, the group draws the attention of nearly everyone it runs into.

Moni Widdlesprock says: Teacher... look!
Alyn Black says: Yes. Those are pandaren, Moni.
Moni Widdlesprock says: Pandaren? Here, in Stormwind?
Gavin Marlsbury says: Heh... pandaren. You must be here to join the Alliance.
Gavin Marlsbury says: Good move. It worked out well for me.
Jojo Ironbrow says: Let's... just keep moving.
Leria Nightwind says: Welcome to Stormwind!
Brunn Goldenmug says: Pandaren? I mussht be seein' thingssh...
Lucas Severing says: Quiet, Naanae. Outsiders approach.
Naanae says: Outsiders, yes - but their intentions are good.
Naanae says: Look carefully, Lucas. The Light is strong with them.
Aysa Cloudsinger says: Let's keep moving.
Jojo Ironbrow says: What's the Light?

Progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [12] Joining the Alliance
  2. Alliance 15 [12] The Alliance Way
  3. Alliance 15 [12] An Old Pit Fighter

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