Quest:Jitters' Growling Gut

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Alliance 32 Jitters' Growling Gut
EndChef Grual
Difficulty17 18 23 27
Experience390 XP
or 2Silver33Copper at Level 100
Reputation25 Stormwind
NextDusky Crab Cakes

Objectives Edit

Speak with Chef Grual.

Description Edit

I've been stuck hiding in this ghost town for weeks, and I haven't eaten anything but grubs and weeds! I need some decent food, and I'm willing to trade well for it.

Bring me a feast and I'll pay you handsomely.

I heard Chef Grual at the Scarlet Raven Tavern in Darkshire makes very good [Crab Cakes]...

Completion Edit

You need some [Crab Cakes], do you? Well I might be able to cook some up for you...


Quest Progression Edit

  1. Jitters' Growling Gut
  2. Dusky Crab Cakes
  3. Return to Jitters

Patch changesEdit

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23):  Removed by The Shattering

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