Objectives Edit

Deliver Jes'rimon's Note to Jediga in Azshara.

Description Edit

Take this letter to Jediga. Let her know that our deal has been beneficial and I be pleased with her work.

You tell her she come back to Orgrimmar fast and Jes'rimon make sure he take good care of her.

Tell her that, and maybe in the future I have need of your services again, <name>.

Reward Edit

You will receive: 60Silver

Progress Edit

Have you spoken to Jes'rimon yet?

He's a boar among trolls, but his information is usually accurate and his jobs well paying.

If you can stand his attitude then you stand to make some good coin from his business endeavors.

Completion Edit

I can see he was more than pleased by the looks of his note.... a little too pleased.

Perhaps some day I'll take time to make sure he knows how much I appreciate his advances also. Well, at least there's one reason to look forward to spending more time in Azshara.

Here's your share of our payment.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 3800 XP (or 22Silver 80Copper at level 70)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [52] Stealing Knowledge

External linksEdit

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