Quest:Jarl Needs Eyes

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Neutral 32 Jarl Needs Eyes
Start"Swamp Eye" Jarl
End"Swamp Eye" Jarl
Requires Level 30
CategoryDustwallow Marsh
Experience2,750 XP
or 16Silver50Copper at Level 100
PreviousMarsh Frog Legsω τ ϖ
NextJarl Needs a Bladeω τ ϖ


Bring 20 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes to "Swamp Eye" Jarl at the Swamplight Manor.


Eye juice is good juice for drinking. Too bad most critters only have two eyes.

But spiders have lots of eyes. Lots and lots. And Darkmist eye juice is tasty. Smooth and salty! Unpopped spider eyes... I taste them already.

Darkmist spiders are west of here, in the Darkmist Cavern. You figure the spiders are named after the cave... or is it the other way around?


Where are those eyes?


You got the eyes! You got the eyes! Tasty, tasty spider eyes!

Some eyes... when you stare at them they stare back. Eat those last. They keep you company... out in the swamp.

Hello, little spider eyes. Hello! You taste like chicken. Gooey, salty chicken!



Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2750 XP (or 16Silver 80Copper at level 70)

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [36] The Hermit of Swamplight Manor / Horde 15 [36] The Hermit of Witch Hill
  2. Neutral 15 [35] Marsh Frog Legs
  3. Neutral 15 [35] Jarl Needs Eyes
  4. Neutral 15 [35] Jarl Needs a Blade

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