Quest:JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition

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Neutral 32 JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition
StartWanted/Missing/Lost & Found
EndTaskmaster Scrange
Requires Level 45
CategorySearing Gorge
Experience4,400 XP
or 26Silver40Copper at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Slay 15 Dark Iron Taskmasters and 15 Dark Iron Slavers. Return to Taskmaster Scrange in the Searing Gorge once you have accomplished this task.

Description Edit

Taskmaster Scrange is looking for a few good men and women to help 'cull the competition' in the Searing Gorge. If you are interested in this position, venture out into the Searing Gorge and slaughter every Dark Iron Taskmaster and Dark Iron Slaver that you see. Return to Taskmaster Scrange when your clothes are bloody enough. You'll know when they're bloody enough so don't ask.

Reward Edit

You will receive:2Gold 10Silver

Completion Edit

15.9 pounds! That may be a new record for blood and gut weight on apparel! Congratulations, <class>!

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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