Talk to Nat Pagle at Nat's Landing in Tidefury Cove.


Oh, I'm sure you and Babs had a good laugh over the outlandish descriptions and sketches in the book, but have you stopped to consider there might be some truth to the legends?

If you listen carefully enough, I bet you can still hear sailors talk about Tethyr, the sea creature the book says lives right here! Of course, if you wanted to know for sure, you could always ask old Nat Pagle.

He's got a small fishing camp on a little island in Tidefury Cove, which is southwest across Dustwallow Bay.


So you want to know about sea monsters? Hmm... well, I'll make you a deal, but it's going to involve a lot of alcohol and some embarrassment on your part.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [35] This Old Lighthouse
  2. Alliance 15 [35] Thresher Oil
  3. Alliance 15 [35] Dastardly Denizens of the Deep
  4. Alliance 15 [36] Is it Real?
  5. Alliance 15 [37] Nat's Bargain
  6. Alliance 15 [37] Oh, It's Real
  7. Alliance 15 [36] Take Down Tethyr!

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