Objectives Edit

Bring 10 Irondeep Supplies to the Horde Quartermaster in Frostwolf Keep.

Description Edit

The Stormpike dwarves are using the Irondeep mine as a storage depot. I want you to raid that mine and bring me its supplies. This will curtail the Stormpikes' efforts in Alterac Valley, and will provide us with needed equipment!

Be wary, <name>. The Irondeep mine is deep in Alliance territory, and control of the mine is as shifting as the snows of Alterac.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 85Silver

Progress Edit

Did you enter the Irondeep mine, <name>? Did you raid its supplies?

Completion Edit

You got them! Nicely done, <name>! And I hope you saw a few dwarves during your raid, and shed their blood for the Frostwolves!

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