Quest:Into the Realm of Shadows

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Neutral 32 Into The Realm of Shadows
StartSalanar the Horseman
EndSalanar the Horseman
Requires Level 55
CategoryDeath Knight
Experience16,350 XP
or 98Silver9Copper at Level 100
Rewards[Summon Deathcharger], [Sigil of the Dark Rider], 2 Bonus talents
PreviousGrand Theft Palomino


Salanar the Horseman at Death's Breach has challenged you to slay the Combat 15 Dark Rider of Acherus and take his Acherus Deathcharger.

Should you succeed return the Acherus Deathcharger to Death's Breach and use the Horseman's Call to summon Salanar.

  • The Horseman's Challenge


The horse you stole has been taken to the Realm of Shadows. It is there that my dark rider will slay the beast and raise it as a deathcharger. Do you think yourself brave enough to enter the Realm of Shadows in pursuit of the deathcharger?

If you accept, I will transport you to the shadow world. Once there, seek out a dark rider in the open fields south of us. To emerge victorious, you must slay him, overtake his deathcharger and return it to Death's Breach. Issue the Horseman's Call should you succeed.


You will learn: [Summon Deathcharger].

You will also receive: 85Silver, 2 Bonus talents and Inv shield 56 [Sigil of the Dark Rider]


You must take the deathcharger by force, death knight!


You have succeeded where most initiates fail, <name>. For that you will be rewarded handsomely.

<Salanar bows.>


In the realm of shadows, be on the lookout for Shadowy Tormentors.

Find and kill a dark rider, hop on the mount, ride back to Death's Breach, then press 1 to call Salanar to you to complete the quest.

Quest progression

Quest:In Service of The Lich King

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