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Alliance 32 Infiltrating the Cult
StartCaptain Anton [75.9, 44.2]
EndOverseer Sylandra [31.3, 65.0]
Requires Level 1
Rewards6Gold 63Silver
PreviousSigns Of The Times
NextSpreading The Word


Go to Stormwind's Old Town and either speak to a Doomsayer or take a robe from the crate near a Doomsayer to join the doomsday cult, then equip the Doomsday [Recruit's Robe] you receive.

  • Join Doomsday Cult


It's getting difficult to keep the cultists out of the public eye and rumors are spreading across the city. I want you to join the cult and learn as much as you can.

Approach one of the doomsayers in Old Town and tell them you wish to join their group. The doomsayer will likely give you clothing and instructions to meet with other cultists in one of the group's hideouts. It's the only way to gain their confidence.


You will receive: 6Gold 63Silver (at 80)


Welcome, friend. We are honored that you have decided to embrace the truth and join us. Come, there will be more time to talk later and you have much to learn.


Pick up The Missing before heading out. Head to Old Town and pick up a Recruit's Robe, then exit Stormwind and take a right heading southwest to reach Mirror Lake Orchard, just across Mirror Lake. Sylandra can be found at [31.3, 65.0] outside the house on the western shore of the lake. Make sure that "Cult Disguise" is active or Sylandra will not be all that friendly.

I don't recognize you. Are you new here?

Gossipgossipicon What are those devices that everyone is building?

Ah, you are new. Those devices are part of our master's plan to bring about the transformation of the world. They will unleash the fires of judgment and allow us to ascent to immortality. This is the master's promise.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [1-80] Prophecies Of Doom
  2. Alliance 15 [1-80] Signs Of The Times
  3. Alliance 15 [1-80] Infiltrating the Cult
  4. Alliance 15 [1-80] Spreading The Word
  5. Alliance 15 [1-80] The Master's Plan
  6. Alliance 15 [1-80] The Doomsday Plan
  7. Alliance 15 [1-80] Thwarting Twilight's Hammer
  8. Alliance 15 [1-80] Warn King Wrynn

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