Objectives Edit

Bring 4 Minor Mana Potions and 2 Elixirs of Fortitude to Lomac Gearstrip in Ironforge.

Description Edit

Hahaha... you need Nitromirglyceronium to stop goblins from destroying a forest?! I don't care if you know Gaxim or not... I'll give you the stuff just to see you or them explode into itty bitty pieces. There's a problem though: I'm all out. But I'll tell you what, you bring me the correct potions, and I'll make some up for you right away. The least you can do is prove you've got some skill as an alchemist before I just give you a sample of my greatest creation.

Progress Edit

I can't make any Nitromirglyceronium if I don't have the potions... they're vital to its creation.

Completion Edit

This'll do nicely. If I didn't know better, stranger, I'd say you knew somethin' about alchemy. Good, good... the world's not all about swords and sorcery, you know?

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [21] On Guard in Stonetalon
  2. Alliance 15 [21] On Guard in Stonetalon
  3. Alliance 15 [21] A Gnome's Respite
  4. Complete the 2 3-part quest chains below to continue
  5. Alliance 15 [22] Covert Ops - Alpha
  6. Alliance 15 [22] Covert Ops - Beta
  7. Alliance 15 [22] Kaela's Update
  8. Alliance 15 [26] Enraged Spirits
  9. Alliance 15 [28] Wounded Ancients
  10. Alliance 15 [22] Update for Sentinel Thenysil
  11. Alliance 15 [28] Reception from Tyrande

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