Quest:Incense for the Festival Scorchlings

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Horde 32 Incense for the Festival Scorchlings
StartFestival Talespinner
EndFestival Scorchling
CategoryMidsummer Fire Festival
Rewards[Burning Blossom]


The Festival Talespinner wants you to take Summer Incense to a Festival Scorchling outside any Horde settlement.


Did you know that our festival fires burn in every land with a Horde settlement? Flame Keepers tend to them in camps outside of each town, ensuring the bonfires are bright and the celebrations continue.

With each Flame Keeper is a festival scorchling -- an emissary to the elemental spirits of fire.

Would you like to honor a scorchling, <name>? Take this summer incense and bring it to any festival scorchling. Appease the little fire spirit, and it may reward you.


You will receive:
Inv summerfest fireflower
[Burning Blossom]


A fiery salutations to you, honored <class>. Welcome to this hallowed ground of the Midsummer Fire Festival.


Ah, and what is this? Such a delightful aroma! I am sure it will burn with a flame pure and bright!

Take this blossom, <name>. Take it, and leave me be... I must attend to this precious fuel...

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