Quest:In Service of the Illidari

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Neutral 32 In Service of the Illidari
EndOverlord Mor'ghor
Requires Level 70
CategoryShadowmoon Valley
ReputationNetherwing +250
PreviousBlood Oath of the Netherwing
NextEnter the Taskmaster

In Service of the Illidari is a Netherwing quest. Players deceive a Dragonmaw Overlord into thinking that they are a recruit to his labor force, in order to better subvert the goals of the orc clan. Players must complete Neutral 15 [70] Blood Oath of the Netherwing before accepting this quest. After completing the follow up to this quest, Neutral 15 [70] Enter the Taskmaster, all of the quests at neutral with Netherwing are available.

Objectives Edit

Travel to Netherwing Ledge and deliver the Illidari Service Papers to Overlord Mor'ghor at Dragonmaw Base Camp.

You will need:

Details Edit

As players approach the Dragonmaw Fortress, Dragonmaw Skyway or Netherwing Ledge, they will automatically become disguised as a Dragonmaw fel orc.

Description Edit

Netherwing Ledge... What was once a bastion of sanctuary for the Netherwing is now home to the Dragonmaw. While the orcs may have control of our territory, our magic there is still strong. Strong enough to cloak your true identity and allow you to infiltrate the ranks of Dragonmaw.

I have prepared this letter for you to present to their leader, Overlord Mor'ghor. Fly headlong into the maw of our enemy and seek out Dragonmaw Base Camp to start your new life as a fel orc of Illidan Stormrage.

Progress Edit

<Mor'ghor grunts.>

You're late...

Completion Edit

<Mor'ghor reads the letter and laughs.>

A death knight? You couldn't shine the boots of a death knight, maggot.

<Mor'ghor looks you over.>

But yes... You might be able to work your way up to peon. At the worst, I'll toss you into the pit and leave you to die...

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [70] Blood Oath of the Netherwing
  2. Neutral 15 [70] In Service of the Illidari
  3. Neutral 15 [70] Enter the Taskmaster

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