Merithra of the Dream in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj will create Elementium Infused Armaments for you should you bring her [Imperial Qiraji Regalia] and 3 [Elementium Ore].

Description Edit

Arygos theorizes that the element which is born of conflicts between the Old Gods and their minions is also extremely deadly to them under the right conditions. I speak of Elementium, mortal.

Find and bring me Imperial Qiraji Regalia and the toxic element and I shall infuse weapons of great power.

Progress Edit

You will strike them down and free us of these bonds.

Completion Edit

Use the item well, <name>. Let them feel the pain that they so dearly wish to inflict upon others.

Reward Edit

One of the following can be chosen:
Inv staff 20
Inv staff 20
Inv mace 24

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