Objectives Edit

Get the Ignition Key and bring it to Wizzlecrank.

Description Edit

I don't suppose Sputtervalve sent you? I'm in a bind here. I hopped in without realizing that I need a key to unlock the shredder's movement column. One of the other shredder operators asked me if everything was okay, and I panicked! Instead of telling him that I was missing my key, I told him there was some sort of mechanical problem.

We need to get out of here on the double! Go up to the control room at the top of the derrick, the supervisor should have a key for this shredder.

Help me out here!


You can find Wizzlecrank's Shredder on the north side of the Sludge Fen, in the depressed area. If it is missing, someone else has started the follow-on escort quest, The Escape (Neutral). Wait a few minutes and it will respawn.

Climb the ramp on the oil derrick in the middle of the Sludge Fen. The Ignition Key drops off of Supervisor Lugwizzle. He patrols from the top of the ramp to the bottom. There are a few other goblins that patrol, as well as a rare spawn (Foreman Grills), so keep an eye open for them.

If you haven't battled many of the goblins in the Sludge Fen, they run for help when they are at 1/2 life, so plan your fights on the derrick and on the shore accordingly.


Quick, we need to get out of here before someone gets suspicious!

Required items:


Yep, this looks like the right key. Let me just make sure I know how to work this thing...

Hmmm... rotation control... This regulates speed and stability... fine arm movement control. Just look at this! I can't believe the Venture Company could design something this much better than ours. I've got to get this back to Ratchet!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1350 XP (or 8Silver 40Copper at level 70)
  • +250 with Ratchet

Quest ProgressionEdit

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