Objectives Edit

Collect 5 Huntress Claws from Savannah Huntresses.

Description Edit

If you want to really demonstrate your bravery to me, let me send you after something that really bites. The savannah huntresses of the Barrens are as sly as they come. Tough, resourceful, quick... and deadly. They've been hassling our scouts recently around the outskirts of the town, especially to the northeast.

Be wary as you hunt them, <name>, or you may find yourself no longer the predator, but instead the prey.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 6Silver

Progress Edit

How goes your hunt, <name>.

Completion Edit

Ah, I see you've been busy. I hope you learned a lot from this prey, <name>. You'll need the strength and cunning of beasts like these to serve my beloved Horde.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [13] Echeyakee
  2. Horde 15 [13] Into the Raptor's Den
  3. Horde 15 [15] The Purloined Payroll
  4. Horde 15 [15] Investigate the Wreckage
  5. Horde 15 [15] To Track a Thief
  6. Horde 15 [15] The Stolen Silver

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