Objectives Edit

Go to Baros Alexston's house in Westfall and search for his compass, then return it to him in Cathedral Square of Stormwind.

Description Edit

It seems an eternity since I was a boy working the farm in Westfall. They say you can never go back, and it's true. Doubly true in my case, my family's home has been burned down and taken over by thieves. I have spoken with my father about the fate of some of my possessions, including my first compass. He was unable to save them. However, he also says that they should be hidden away on the farm. You'll find the Alexston Farmstead west of Sentinel Hill. Perhaps you could go and retrieve it for me?

Reward Edit

You will receive:7Silver

Progress Edit

<name>! Did you have any luck?

Completion Edit

Oh, thank you, <name>! It's of no practical use to me, but the sentimental value... Needless to say, thank you for bringing this to me... at some cost to your own well-being, not to mention the time it took to go all the way down to Westfall. You have my gratitude, and have this as a token of my thanks.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

The compass is found inside a small chest located in the burned out house on Alexston Farmstead, Westfall.

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