Pre-Requisites Edit

Task Edit

Bring two Solid Iron Mauls, two Silvered Bronze Boots, and two Silvered Bronze Gauntlets to Orokk Omosh in Orgrimmar.

The final lesson Orokk teaches you, <name>. To the sacred anvil and forge you return! Bring for Orokk two solid iron mauls, two silvered bronze boots, and two silvered bronze gauntlets.

See the fear in their eyes as you approach!

Reward Edit

Quest Chain Edit

Notes Edit

16x Iron Bar
16x Iron Ore
28 Bronze Bar
14x Copper Bar
14x Copper Ore
14x Tin Bar
14x Tin Ore
12x Silver Bar
12x Silver Ore
8x Coarse Grinding Stone
16x Coarse Stone
2x Heavy Grinding Stone
6x Heavy Stone
4x Heavy Leather
4x Strong Flux

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