Quest:Healing with Roses

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Horde 32 Healing with Roses
StartHorde 15 Primalist Mulfort
EndHorde 15 Primalist Mulfort
Requires Level 78
TypeWeekly PvP
Rewards10 Inv misc platnumdisks [Stone Keeper's Shard]
7Gold 40Silver (+13Gold 23Silver at level 80)

Quest text Edit

Primalist Mulfort in Wintergrasp wants you to retrieve 10 Alliance Herb Pouches from Alliance players at the Steppe of Life.

Description Edit

So many of our braves were lost during the battle, but even more shall die if left untreated.

Travel to the Steppe of Life in southwestern Wintergrasp. I have need of the roses that grow there for salve to treat the wounded.

Sadly, the rose has become scarce due to the Alliance harvesting it too rapidly. Slay them on the Steppe of Life and retrieve their herb pouches from the bodies.

If that fails, perhaps a lasher or two might be in bloom.


Were you able to recover the herbs? The sick and wounded increase by the hour.

Completion Edit

Thank you, this will go far to treat our soldier's wounds.

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