Objectives Edit

Deliver the news to Farseer Corhuk at Garadar.

Description Edit

Will you do me one last honor, <name>? I do not wish to return to Garadar. I believe that my destiny lies elsewhere - that I will serve a greater purpose someday.

Please, return to Farseer Corhuk and tell him that I will not be returning. That I cannot return. I must walk the earth... He will understand.

Completion Edit

<Farseer Corhuk stares at the ground, lost in contemplation. He nods his head affirmatively.>

<Farseer Corhuk wipes a tear away.>

The son is the father... May the spirits have mercy on those that stand in his way.

Rewards Edit

Choose one of:
Inv pants 10
Inv helmet 17
Inv gauntlets 17

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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