Quest:Harlan Needs a Resupply

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Alliance 32 Harlan Needs a Resupply
StartHarlan Bagley
EndRema Schneider
Requires Level 1
CategoryStormwind City
Experience85 XP
or 51Copper at Level 100


Go to the Canal Tailor Shop and bring Rema Schneider the Cloth Request from Harlan Bagley.


We've been doing a lot of business lately. It seems like everyone is buying armor and sturdy clothes. Almost like they expect a cold, harsh season ahead... But those are future worries. My worry today is that I'm running out of knitted clothing to sell. I need another load from our supplier. If you can take this request to Rema Schneider at the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop, I'd be most grateful.


You will receive:17Copper


You bring word from Mr. Bagley?


It says here that Harlan's business is booming.  That's good news, but I wonder why people have need of all that armor.  I've heard nothing of open there something the nobles aren't telling us? Well, thank you for bringing the request.  Here's your payment, and I'll see to it that Harlan gets his supplies.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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