Quest:Happy as a Clam Digger

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Alliance 32 Happy as a Clam Digger
Requires Level 10
ExperienceScales XP
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RewardsScales by level

Objectives Edit

Gather 10 Teldrassil Clams from the shores near Rut'theran Village.

Description Edit

It seems like everyone I know loves clams, but I can't stand them! They're smelly and sliming, and harvesting them means digging through mud. Give me a fishing pole and some bait any day.

Still, I want to surprise my brother with a bucket of fresh clams. I'd reward you if you were willing to gather those clams for me.

Just go through the portal to Rut'theran Village and look for the clams in the shallows near the shore.

Progress Edit

Did you find enough clams?

Completion Edit

Yuck, they're so gross-looking, but they're my brother's favorite. Thanks for sparing me from that messy job!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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