Quest:Hameya's Plea

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Neutral 32 Hameya's Plea
StartTorn Scroll
EndMound of Dirt
Requires Level 54
CategoryEastern Plaguelands
Experience9,550 XP
or 57Silver29Copper at Level 110
Reputation+300 Argent Dawn
Rewards[Hameya's Slayer] [Hameya's Cloak]

Objectives Edit

Kill Infiltrator Hameya. Use his key on the Mound of Dirt behind the Undercroft.

Description Edit

Kill me. Before it's too late.

I am Hameya. While traveling to Zul'Mashar, my brethren and I ate some bad meat... and we changed. We are infected.

I can feel the lich's words now, urging me to reach Zul'Mashar and infect more of my people. I cannot resist, and so I wrote this scroll before my will left me.

I buried a chest in dirt next to a wagon behind this crypt, but only my key will open it. I have the key. If you want my treasure, then find me.

Kill me. Before it's too late.

Progress Edit

This chest buried here is securely locked.

Completion Edit

Hameya's chest is opened!!

Rewards Edit

Inv sword 34
Inv misc cape 18

You will also receive: 90Silver

Gains Edit

  • 9550 XP
  • 300 reputation with Argent Dawn (As of Jan 22, 2009 above lvl 70, this quest did not give Argent Dawn reputation.)

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