Objectives Edit

Brann Bronzebeard wants you to accompany him as he uncovers the secrets that lie in the Halls of Stone.

  • Brann's Exploration Complete

Description Edit

Well now, I'm surprised to see other adventurers in a place such as this! It so happens that I could use a bit o' company for what lies ahead.

If my research on these halls is accurate, there be monumental discoveries to be made here!

Assumin' I can count on ya to watch my back, you're welcome to tag along. So, what'dya say, <class>? Care ta join me?

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder 72
[Mantle of the Intrepid Explorer]
Inv shoulder 74
[Shoulderpads of the Adventurer]
Inv shoulder 77
[Spaulders of Lost Secrets]
Inv shoulder 92
[Pauldrons of Reconnaissance]

Progress Edit

Well, now, it turned out ta be a good thing we ran into each other after all.

Completion Edit

Always more questions than answers, eh, <lad/lass>?

Notes Edit

The quest begins with the escort into the Tribunal of Ages; afterwards, Brann will meet you at the door to the Forge of Wills, where you will confront the final boss, Sjonnir The Ironshaper. The quest is complete when Sjonnir is dead.

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