Quest:Grime-Encrusted Ring

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Neutral 32 Grime-Encrusted Ring
StartGrime-Encrusted Ring
EndSparklematic 5200
Requires Level 28
Experience2,700 XP
or 16Silver19Copper at Level 100
NextReturn of the Ring


Figure out a way to remove the grime from the Grime-Encrusted Ring.

Quest text

You have uncovered what appears to be a ring from the corpse of one of the Dark Iron dwarves. It is difficult to tell what kind of ring it is, however; dirt and hardened residue cake the item completely, making wearing it impossible. You think you can make out the slight luster of precious metal and maybe even the glint of a gem under the residue.

If you are going to make use of this ring, you are going to need to find something to get the hardened residue off of it.


The gnomish contraption before you bears a plaque calling it "The Sparklematic 5200". The gist of the machine, from reading the instructions below the plaque, is to scrub away dirt that an item might have. The machine has a coin slot, accepting three silver coins to start the process once the item is placed inside it.

It would seem as though the grime-encrusted ring you found earlier is just the thing to try in this machine!


You place the ring inside the Sparklematic 5200 and deposit a silver coin into the slot.

Painful grinding noises emanate from the machine as it begins to jerk around violently. One can only guess what is happening with the ring inside the machine...

The machine suddenly stops, trumpeting its cessation with a simple "Ding!" The item receptacle opens up to reveal a small box that is neatly wrapped with a red bow. It would appear that the Sparklematic 5200 also gift wraps!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


There are several Sparklematic machines, but only one works correctly for purposes of this quest. The one you need to use, if you enter the room via the stairs, is on the left, near the 'good' Gnomes.

Quest progression

  1. Neutral 15 [34] Grime-Encrusted Ring
  2. Alliance 15 [34] Return of the Ring (Alliance) or Horde 15 [34] Return of the Ring (Horde)
  3. Alliance 15 [34] Gnome Improvement or Horde 15 [34] Nogg's Ring Redo

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