Quest:Grey Iron Weapons

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Alliance 32 Grey Iron weapons
StartTormus Deepforge
EndTormus Deepforge
Requires Level 10
Rewards[Umbral Axe], [Umbral Mace], [Umbral Dagger], or [Umbral Sword]
PreviousIronband's Compound

Completion Edit

Here are some weapons, hot off the anvil and made with the new umbral ore you brought me!

Please, <name>, take your pick!

Rewards Edit

You are given your choice from among

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [10] Muren Stormpike
  2. Alliance 15 [11] Vejrek
  3. Alliance 15 [11] Tormus Deepforge
  4. Alliance 15 [11] Ironband's Compound
  5. Alliance 15 [10] Grey Iron Weapons

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