Objectives Edit

Collect 3 Gloom Weed and deliver them to Junior Apothecary Holland in the Brill graveyard.

Description Edit

Master want weeds. Us gots big hands and not good at picking. You help us and we not hurt you. Us need gloom weed. Many weeds around here and near road.

When you have gloom weed you take to Master Holland in Brill graveyard.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 50Copper

Progress Edit

Where's that useless abomination? Either you have what I need or you'd best get out there and find it.

Completion Edit

What's this? Gloom weed?! I've no need for gloom weed! That mindless mass of flesh is out there picking daises and convincing the Lady knows how many dupes like you into doing the same. No offense.

We'll deal with the gloom weed later. For now, we've got other matters to discuss.

Quest progression Edit

Template:Gordo's Task (2)

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