Objectives Edit

Find Gor'tesh, somewhere to the west of Dreadmaul Rock. Kill Gor'tesh and then take Gor'tesh's Lopped Off Head back to Oralius in Burning Steppes.

Description Edit

They're reeling I tell you! Our next strike must be decisive.

The brute lord, Gor'tesh, must be slain. More importantly, his head must be returned to me so that I may prepare the third phase of our attack on the Firegut ogres.

Be warned, soldier, Gor'tesh rules not from Dreadmaul Rock but from a Blackrock orc structure to the west of Dreadmaul Rock.

Your orders, then, are simple. Find Gor'tesh and chop off his fat head. Return to me when the job is done.


Progress Edit

Oh glorious day! Have you returned with the head?

Completion Edit

Just look at it, soldier. Disgusting! When the remaining Firegut ogres see this fat mug stuck on a pike sitting at the top of their mountain, mass hysteria will ensue!

<Oralius cackles wildly.>

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [52] Extinguish the Firegut
  2. Alliance 15 [53] Gor'tesh the Brute Lord
  3. Alliance 15 [53] Ogre Head On A Stick = Party

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