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Neutral 32 Gizelton Caravan
StartRigger Gizelton[45.0, 75.4]
EndSmeed Scrabblescrew[61.8, 61.9]
Requires Level 32
Experience2,850 XP
or 17Silver10Copper at Level 110
Rewards[Sidegunner Shottie], [Kodo Brander], or [Studded Ring Shield]

This escort quest is available only periodically, roughly every hour. When it becomes available, a yell can be heard:

Rigger Gizelton yells: This is Rigger Gizelton asking for assistance escorting my caravan past Mannoroc Coven. I'm on the road east of Shadowprey village.

The caravan will wait for a few minutes. If the quest is accepted, or after the time expires, the caravan starts moving off east and north. There is a counterpart to this quest, available roughly 30 minutes afterwards, covering an escort past the Kolkar Village: Bodyguard for Hire.

Objectives Edit

Escort the Gizelton Caravan through Mannoroc Coven. Talk with Smeed at Scrabblescrew's Camp for your reward.

  • Escort Gizelton Caravan past Mannoroc Coven

Description Edit

You look like a capable <race>. Perhaps you're looking to make some money? Cork and I started this caravan to make a bundle of money; little did we know the dangers of turning a buck!

Up ahead is Mannoroc Coven... normally the demons ignore us but something has the kodos spooked this time. I'll pay you to protect the caravan past Mannoroc Coven. Once we are safely past you can receive your reward from our business associate Smeed at Scrabblescrew's Camp.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Completion Edit

Not sure it's a prosperous proposition to be paying so much money to protect the Gizelton Caravan. Cork and Rigger only make one gold piece a week, but as long as they keep paying for my kodos I can care less how they run their business.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:



After accepting the quest, the caravan slows to a walk instead of its usual run. Also, any nearby mobs will now actually attack the caravan instead of ignoring them. There are three ambushes of one Lesser Infernal, one Doomwarder and one Nether Sorceress each.

Leaving the south end
Rigger Gizelton says: Time for the Gizelton Caravan to head on out! We'll be back soon but if you cannot wait, head north to Kormek's Hut. We open shop in about an hour.
Announcing quest
Rigger Gizelton yells: This is Rigger Gizelton asking for assistance escorting my caravan past Mannoroc Coven. I'm on the road east of Shadowprey village.
First ambush
Rigger Gizelton says: Eeck! Demons hungry for the kodos!
Second ambush
Rigger Gizelton says: What am I paying you for? The kodos are nearly dead!
Past the Coven
Rigger Gizelton says: Wow! We did it... not sure why we thought we needed the likes of you. Nevertheless, speak with Smeed Srablescrew; he will give you your earnings!

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