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Alliance 32 Getting Battle-Ready
StartThran Khorman
EndThran Khorman
Requires Level 2
CategoryColdridge Valley
Experience125 XP
or 75Copper at Level 110
Reputation+75 Ironforge
PreviousSimple Rune
NextWhitebeard Needs Ye

Objectives Edit

Reach level 3 to learn Charge, then use Charge on one of the Training Dummies[62.1, 29.6] outside the entrance to Anvilmar.

  • Learn: Reach Level 3 to Learn Charge
  • Practice Charge

Description Edit

Lesson one. Aside from your sword and shield, what's the most important tool you have in your arsenal?

<Thran awaits your response.>

Oh never mind, I'll answer it for you. It's your mobility. One of the strengths of the warrior is the ability to get around the battlefield quickly. Here, <name>, I'll train you to use your legs to your advantage.

Completion Edit


Now we're getting somewhere. You've got quite a manly bellow, sir!

Come back to me in a bit, and I'll teach you something else.


Now we're getting somewhere. You've got an excellent pair! ... er, of lungs, that is.

Come back to me in a bit, and I'll teach you something else.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [1] Hold the Line!
  2. Alliance 15 [2] Give 'em What-For / Alliance 15 [2] Aid for the Wounded
  3. Alliance 15 [2] Lockdown in Anvilmar
  4. Alliance 15 [2] First Things First: We're Gonna Need Some Beer / Alliance 15 [2] Dwarven Artifacts
  5. Alliance 15 [2] All the Other Stuff / Alliance 15 [2] Make Hay While the Sun Shines
  6. Class quests
  7. Alliance 15 [3] Whitebeard Needs Ye
  8. Alliance 15 [3] Trolling for Information / Alliance 15 [3] A Refugee's Quandry
  9. Alliance 15 [4] The Troll Menace
  10. Alliance 15 [5] Ice and Fire
  11. Alliance 15 [5] A Trip to Ironforge
  12. Alliance 15 [5] Follow that Gyro-Copter!
  13. Alliance 15 [5] Pack Your Bags
  14. Alliance 15 [5] Don't Forget About Us

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