Objectives Edit

Escort Melizza Brimbuzzle, then speak with Hornizz Brimbuzzle at the Kodo Graveyard in Desolace.

  • Melizza Brimbuzzle escorted to safety

Description Edit

Get me out of here!

I came up to the Valley of Spears to talk to the Maraudines. I thought I could do a little business with them... but they don't want to talk! I think they want to eat me!

Get me out of here and my brother Hornizz will pay you big! He's at our camp next to the kodo graveyard, to the east.

Let's hurry, <name>. Not two minutes ago I heard some centaurs talking about getting wood for their cookpot...

Reward Edit

You will receive:45Silver

Completion Edit

My sister Melizza said you'd be coming. Thanks a lot for getting her out of the jam she was in; it's too bad that she's already probably found herself in a new one!

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2250 XP (or 13Silver 80Copper at level 70)



Clear the path coming in. Melizza has a fifteen minute respawn timer, travels at a walk and takes the shortest route out toward the Kodo Graveyard. There are two scripted spawn events:

  1. Four Maraudine Marauders
  2. Three Maraudine Wranglers and two Maraudine Bonepaws.

The quest objective is just after the second spawn point.

On Accept
Melizza Brimbuzzle says: Thanks <name>. Now let's get out of here!
Objective complete
Melizza Brimbuzzle says: We made it! Thanks again! I'm going to run ahead!
Talking to Hornizz
Melizza Brimbuzzle says: Hey Hornizz! I'm back! And there are some people behind me who helped me out of a jam.
Melizza Brimbuzzle says: We're going to have to scratch the Maraudines off our list. Too hard to work with...
Melizza Brimbuzzle says: Well, I'm off to the Gelkis. They're not as dumb as the Maraudines, but they're more reasonable.

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