Quest:Gem Perfection (Vengeance Landing)

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Horde 32 Gem Perfection
StartCarter Tiffens
EndCarter Tiffens
Requires Level 70
Experience10,700 XP
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RewardsGem Perfection
[Small Velvet Bag]

Objectives Edit

Return two Huge Citrines, two Dark Jade and two Shadow Crystals to Carter Tiffens in Vengeance Landing.

Description Edit

My skills are going to waste in this wretched place. I spent many years learning to cut gems into their perfect form and have nothing to work on! You look like the type who may be able to find me some gems and if you do I can teach you the skill of gem perfection. This will allow you to sometimes cut a perfect gem with increased bonuses when cutting a uncommon quality gem from Northrend.

Rewards Edit

You will learn:

You will also receive:

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