Bring 4 Spore Bat Eyes and 4 Fen Strider Tentacles to Anchorite Ahuurn at Telredor.


I have a feeling that these lost Ones may not respond well to a draenei, but would welcome an arakkoa. I can create a potion that will allow you to take on the form of an arakkoa for a short time. It requires a couple of reagents which cannot be stored and must be used within hours of being gathered.

You will need to bring me a handfull of Spore Bat Eyes and some Fen Strider Tentacles. Both species dwell in the wilderness surrounded Telredor


Have you gathered the reagents?


These will do quite nicely. Allow me a moment to mix up the potion.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [62] The Boha'mu Ruins
  2. Alliance 15 [62] Idols of the Feralfen
  3. Alliance 15 [62] Gathering the Reagents
  4. Alliance 15 [62] Messenger to the Feralfen

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