Quest:Fury of the Pack

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Objectives Edit

Kill Lord Godfrey.

Description Edit

Ah, the sweet scent of victory! My men should be tearing Godfrey to pieces even as we speak. Go up to his domain and collect your share of the spoils - you've earned it!

You'd think that he would have been more difficult to defeat...

Progress Edit

Let's get going.

Completion Edit

We did it, <name>! At terrible cost... but victory is ours.

This keep should serve well as a home for me and my pack, though we tend to prefer more natural habitats.

It may be best to leave it as a reminder of Godfrey's betrayal and of the Bloodfang warriors that died here in battle.

Gains Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv chest chain 12
[Breastplate of the Terrible Price]
Inv shoulder 15
[Packleader's Pauldrons]
Inv shoulder 13
[Shadowfang Spaulders]
Inv boots cloth 01
[Sandals of Sacrifice]
Inv pants 08
[Godfrey's Britches]

You will also receive: 53Silver

Quest Progression Edit

External linksEdit

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