Quest:Funky Fungi

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Neutral 32 Funky Fungi
Start[Ooze-covered Fungus]
EndKilix the Unraveler
Requires Level 73
CategoryAhn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Experience42,300 XP
or 2Gold53Silver79Copper at Level 100

Objectives Edit

You are to collect 6 Grotesque Fungus from Savage Cave Beasts in Ahn'kahet and deliver them to Kilix the Unraveler in The Pit of Narjun.

Description Edit

A misshapen piece of mushroom-like fungus falls from a particularly smelly, ooze-covered patch of the cave beast's flesh. Examining it, you are violently repulsed by its overwhelming stench.

You wonder to yourself if this is the kind of thing that the nerubians might find appetizing. Placing the sticky organism in your pack, you determine to find out...

Rewards Edit

What in creation are these?!

Completion Edit

Do you have any idea what you've been carrying around, <class>?

The cave beasts you've been harvesting have no traditional method of excreting their waste. You might want to wash your hands...

Thank you for the thought, but if you come across any more of these please keep them for yourself.

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