From the Abyss sends the player after a Prince of the Void in order to help Ogath understand the mysteries of the voidwalkers.

Objectives Edit

Kill Void Baron Galaxis and collect his soul shard. Take the shard to Ogath the Mad in Spinebreaker Post.

You will need:

Description Edit

My warp rift generator is complete. You can now use it to summon a true prince of the void, a creature whose soul shard will tell us much of what lies beyond.

Go south in Void Ridge and use my warp rift generator near the void stones. Look for a cluster of crystals near the edge of the abyss. A huge warp rift will form and Void Baron Galaxis will surely appear.

Destroy this creature and bring me his soul shard.

Details Edit

His spawn point is around coordinates 80,79. When he appears, he will also bring 2 additional weak voidwalkers with him. When Galaxis reaches around 20% health, he will absorb one of the voidwalkers to heal himself. Therefore it may be advisable to take out the voidwalkers first before you attack Galaxis.

There has also been an issue with Galaxis' body disappearing before you have time to loot it. This was supposedly fixed in Patch 2.1.0 although there are reports that the bug is still around. Players have also started that they've seen Galaxis spawn without any additional voidwalkers.

Reward Edit

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:

Inv staff draenei a 03
Inv jewelry ring 38
Inv misc cape 14

Progress Edit

Have you destroyed Void Baron Galaxis yet?

Completion Edit

You have saved my life's work <name>.

They called me insane, they laughed at me, they thought I was mad for my obsession with the Void Ridge and Warp Fields. Now with this soul shard I can unlock the secrets of the voidwalkers. I will command the power of the abyss

Quest progressionEdit

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