Quest:Free Your Mind

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Neutral 32 Free Your Mind
StartBaron Sliver
EndBaron Sliver
Experience27,550 XP
or 1Gold65Silver29Copper at Level 100
Reputation+455 Knights of the Ebon Blade
Rewards[Lady Nightswood's Engagement Ring], [Signet of Baron Sliver], [Shadow Vault Shawl], or [Chain of the Sovereign]
PreviousI Have an Idea, But First...
NextIf He Cannot Be Turned (Alliance) / (Horde)


Baron Sliver at the Shadow Vault wants you to use the Inv wand 1h stratholme d 01 [Sovereign Rod] on the corpses of Vile, Lady Nightswood, and The Leaper.


Vile, Lady Nightswood, and The Leaper would make excellent weapons in the fight against the Lich King if they can be broken from his will. That is what the Sovereign Rod is for.

You'll find them on the ledges to the east and west of the vault, as well as on the mid-tier of the vault above us. The rod is to be used upon the corpses of the three.

Fly now. We will have them as our own!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry ring 42
[Lady Nightswood's Engagement Ring]
Inv jewelry ring 43
[Signet of Baron Sliver]
Inv misc cape 02
[Shadow Vault Shawl]
Inv jewelry necklace 28naxxramas
[Chain of the Sovereign]


You have NOT turned them yet. Do not insult my intelligence, <class>!


We will put those three to good use once we finally take the vault.

Speaking of which....



Vile and Nightswood are stationary on their ledges (Vile to the right, Nightswood to the left), while the Leaper paths pretty much the entire middle level of the Vault.

Vile says: Vile free? Vile love <name>!
Lady Nightswood says: You dare? Where is Baron Sliver? I would have words with him!
The Leaper says: Mrmrmmrmrmrmrm... mrmrmrmr?!

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [80] It's All Fun and Games / Horde 15 [80] It's All Fun and Games
  2. Neutral 15 [80] I Have an Idea, But First...
  3. Neutral 15 [80] Free Your Mind
  4. Alliance 15 [80] If He Cannot Be Turned / Horde 15 [80] If He Cannot Be Turned
  5. Alliance 15 [80] The Shadow Vault / Horde 15 [80] The Shadow Vault
  6. Neutral 15 [80] The Duke
  7. Neutral 15 [80] Honor Challenge
  8. Neutral 15 [80] Shadow Vault Decree
  9. Neutral 15 [80] Get the Key
  10. Neutral 15 [80] Let the Baron Know

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