Objectives Edit

Kill 4 Alliance Fox Hunters, 4 Bullmastiffs, and 4 Whitetail Foxes in Western Plaguelands.

Description Edit

These Alliance forces walk around the Plaguelands like they own the place. Well, they don't! This land rightfully belongs to the Dark Lady!

As the battle for Andorhal drew to a close, the Alliance forces occupying the Plaguelands scattered. Several of them can be found just east of here, hunting foxes. Prove to them that this is Forsaken territory.

Kill the hunters. Kill their hunting dogs. And kill the foxes they hunt, for good measure.

Progress Edit

The Dark Lady will not tolerate the living.

Completion Edit

It's a relief to have those hunters out of the way. We're not done killing Alliance, however...

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv weapon rifle 40
[Fox Hunter's Rifle]
Inv helmet 187
[Territorial Helm]
Inv chest leather 27v1
[Bullmastiff Vest]
Inv jewelry ring 28
[Vandis' Band]

You will also recieve: 40Silver

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