Objectives Edit

Travel to Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands and meet up with your contact, Flint Shadowmore.

Description Edit

The only information we have thus far, then, is that Nathanos Marris may have been slain by this Blightcaller. We assume the Blightcaller is the same fiend that disposed of my agents.

Flint Shadowmore, another SI:7 operative, is stationed at the Alliance encampment of Chillwind Point in the Western Plaguelands. Seek him out; he will debrief you on the current situation in the Plagues and give you an assignment.

Good luck, <name>.

Completion Edit

The first mission will be straight up, <name>. You go in, you come out. Recon...

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [60G] The First and the Last
  2. Alliance 15 [60G] Honor the Dead
  3. Alliance 15 [60G] Flint Shadowmore
  4. Alliance 15 [60G] The Eastern Plagues
  5. Alliance 15 [60G] The Blightcaller Cometh
  6. Alliance 15 [60G] Order Must Be Restored

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