Objectives Edit

Use Tomusa's Hook on Triumph War Gryphons to dismount and kill 5 Wildhammer Mercenaries.

Description Edit

The Alliance has hired in Wildhammer mercenaries to control the skies over the Battlescar. I believe these same gryphon-riders were the ones to firebomb Taurajo during the attack.

I want our skies scoured clean.

The wildhammer dwarves fly low enough for a sharp-eyed <class> to hook them. Take this. Target their gryphons and dismount the riders - once grounded, show them no mercy.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv sword 06
[Tomusa's Sword]
Inv pants leather 39
[Earthbound Leggings]
Inv shoulder 134
[Flightmare Mantle]

You will also recieve: 35Silver

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