Quest:Fletcher's Lost and Found

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Neutral 32 Fletcher's Lost and Found
StartWashed-Up Mage
EndWashed-Up Mage
Experience? XP
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RewardsLearn the recipe for [Kungaloosh]
PreviousThe Taste Test

Prerequisites Edit

You need to have completed The Taste Test in Sholazar Basin.

It is unconfirmed that you need a cooking skill level of 350.

Description Edit

Above the stale, unwashed stench, you catch a whiff of a familiar smell! It appears as if this once-mighty adventurer has a real love for Kungaloosh.

Peeking through the bars, you can barely make out the recipe written on his arm...

Rewards Edit

You will learn how to create: [Kungaloosh]

Notes Edit

This may be a tribute to Fletcher Hodges, one of the main characters of the Adventurers Club - the now-closed Walt Disney World nightclub. The Kungaloosh was the signature drink of the Adventurer's Club.

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