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Neutral 32 Firebreak
StartRayne Feathersong [27.0, 63.0]
EndRayne Feathersong [27.0, 63.0]
Requires Level 80
CategoryMount Hyjal
Experience27,700 XP
or 1Gold66Silver19Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards7Gold 80Silver
PreviousSmashing Through Ashes
NextPrepping the Soil

Objectives Edit

Slay 10 Lava Surgers.

Description Edit

In their efforts to decimate Hyjal, Twilight's Hammer has elementals scouring the earth in the wake of fire.

They're pulverizing the soil, rooting around in the ash, digging up any scrap of plantlife that survived and destroying it. It's like they're paving the way for... I don't even want to imagine.

Stop them before Hyjal is devoid of life. Kill the lava surgers!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 80Silver

Progress Edit

If Hyjal is any indication of their plans for the rest of Azeroth, I shudder to think of what will happen if Twilight's Hammer ever gets their way.

Completion Edit

This is grim business, <name>, but I'm glad you're here to help.

Now, there's something else I need you to take care of for me...

Notes Edit

Pick up Durable Seeds and Fresh Bait before heading out. Head northeast into the Flamewake -- much more target-rich environment.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [81] Smashing Through Ashes
  2. Complete all of:
    1. Neutral 15 [81] Fresh Bait
    2. Neutral 15 [81] Hell's Shells
    3. Neutral 15 [81] Tortolla Speaks
    4. Neutral 15 [81] Breaking the Bonds / Neutral 15 [81] Children of Tortolla
    5. Neutral 15 [81] An Ancient Awakens

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