Finish the Shipment is a quest for Jewelcrafters that becomes available once their Jewelcrafting skill reaches 375. Completing this quest opens up the other Jewelcrafting Daily quests.

Objectives Edit

Bring a Chalcedony to Timothy Jones in Dalaran.

Description Edit

I'm glad you showed up! A shipment of Glowing Ivory Figurines needs to go out to Undermine right now, and I am still short a Chalcedony to complete an eye for the last one. Bring me one and a Dalaran Jeweler's token will be yours.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 3Gold 70Silver
Inv misc gem variety 01
[Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token]

Progress Edit

Do you have the Chalcedony yet?

Completion Edit

Here is your Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token as promised. I have new shipments going out all the time, check by from time to time to see what I need.

External links Edit

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