Pre-Requisites Edit

You must be currently on the 45 minute timer for the Horde 15 [9] Need for a Cure quest.

Description Edit

Venomtails are some of the deadliest scorpids in Durotar. It was unwise for Rhinag to hunt them without having some of the antidote with him, but right now, chastising is the last thing he needs.

Bring me a few venomtail poison sacs from any of the venomtails near the entrance of Orgrimmar and I'll make an antidote for him.

Make haste, <name>. One of our own needs your help.

Progress Edit

Remember, no matter what creature you hunt, you would do well to study it and understand its behavior. That knowledge could save your life.

Completion Edit

Here is the antidote, <name>. Take it to Rhinag as soon as you can, and be cautious.

Task Edit

Bring 4 Venomtail Poison Sacs to Kor'ghan in Orgrimmar.

Reward Edit

You will receive the following:

Notes Edit

You will need one inventory spot open to carry the 4 Venomtail Poison Sacs that you will retrieve from the Venomtail Scorpids' corpses.

Once made, bring the Venomtail Antidote to Rhinag before the timer for the Horde 15 [??] Need for a Cure quest runs out.

This quest has sense been changed as of Patch 3.02, the NPCS are located in Different places. Rhinag is now at 40,16 near the new zepplin tower, and Kor'ghan is located at 43, 50. in Orgrimmar at the Cleft of Shadow.

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