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Alliance 32 Find Bingles
EndBingles Blastenheimer
Requires Level 12
Experience270 XP
or 1Silver61Copper at Level 110
Reputation+25 Gnomeregan Exiles
NextBingles' Missing Supplies

Objectives Edit

Find Bingles Blastenheimer in Loch Modan.

Quest textEdit

We've lost contact with Bingles! He was sent on a reconnaissance mission over Gnomeregan and hasn't reported back in over a week. I just know he's gone and blown himself up.

He was last seen flying over the Loch. Perhaps you can investigate, <name>.

Completion Edit

So Gnoarn doesn't trust my reconnaissance abilities? I wonder why...

Nevermind that, I need your assistance! Nay! The movement needs your assistance!

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

Bingles can be found on the eastern shore of The Loch in Loch Modan.

Quest progression Edit

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