Find Acteon! is an Alliance-only quest in the draenei starting zone Azuremyst Isle. Players must deliver a crate of fish collected in the previous quest to the next town, Azure Watch.

Obtaining this quest Edit

After turning in Alliance 15 [6] Red Snapper - Very Tasty! to Diktynna, she will offer this quest.

Objectives Edit

Deliver the [Crate of Red Snapper] to Acteon at Azure Watch.


Details Edit

Continue west along the road until you arrive at Azure Watch. Talk to Acteon there to complete the quest.

Description Edit

You did a wonderful job, <name>. Our people will be thankful for this bounty. With that said, would you mind taking this haul of red snapper to Acteon at Azure Watch?

He shouldn't be hard to find as he is awaiting this catch.

Completion Edit

Poor Diktynna... That murloc gave her quite a scare.

<Acteon sighs.>

Hopefully she will recover from the injuries soon...

So I presume you're looking for work. Well there's plenty of that to be found at Azure Watch!

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