Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Flood Elementals.

Description Edit

I'm here because Muradin himself knew that this survey needed someone to keep these buffoons on their toes. They're all too scared of the wildlife to do a thing! If I'm to get them off their duffs, I'm going to need some cleanup done.

We've got an elemental problem, first off. The flood did such a number here that the water itself's gone hysterical.

I bet you've never slapped the sense into an entire lake before, but I'm askin' it of you now. Whallop those elementals but good for me.

Progress Edit

Roll up your sleeves, lad/lass, you're gonna have to do better than standin' around gawking if you want a nod around here.

Completion Edit

Well I'll be. There's someone around here that isn't a disgrace to Magni, bless his poor gravelly heart.

Just for that, you get first crack at the ale, lad/lass. Nut don't let it get to your bloody head! We've got more gorram work to do, and I won't tolerate you lettin' up early!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 12Silver

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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