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Objectives Edit

Slay 20 Greater Lava Spiders.

Description Edit

Wouldn't ye know it, every time ol' Hansel wants to take a moment to relax and reflect upon his life, the powers that be give him another job.

Me gots to think, come on! Ye know what I be saying? Come. On.

So, these here greater lava spiders are causin' a ruckus o' some sort. Oilfist says they shoot fire out their... erm, yea well, anyway, such things upset the children.

I guess we gots to kill 'em. Rather, ye gots to kill 'em.


<Hansel sneezes.>

I think I'm gettin' a cold. Damn this frigid climate!

Reward Edit

You will receive
Inv belt 16

You will also receive: 70Silver

Notes & Tips Edit

Greater Lava Spiders are generally within the level range of 47-49.

Greater Lava Spiders can be found roaming the northwestern corner of the Searing Gorge; [27,43]. They can be single pulled into combat easily, but when fighting stay alert for patrolling Magma Elementals. Also, the spiders re-populate quickly. If you stop to rest, make sure you are in a position where you are not at risk to an unexpected attack.

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