Fhwoor Smash! is an escort quest only obtainable after reaching exalted with Sporeggar. Also important, Fhwoor does not complete the quest, a nearby sporeling does.

Objectives Edit

Escort Fhwoor into the area of the Marshlight steam pump to retrieve the Ark of Ssslith. Bring Fhwoor and the ark back safely and then report back to Gzhun'tt at Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh.

  • Ark of Ssslith safely returned to Sporeggar

Description Edit

Little naga make Fhwoor angry! Sporelings good friend to Fhwoor, so Fhwoor get naga ark. We go into nearby naga village. You help? Bring friends!

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv hammer 02
[Sporeggar Smasher]
Inv axe 02
[Hewing Axe of the Marsh]
Inv gauntlets 11
[Sporeling Claw]


Is Fwhoor alright? Have you recovered the ark?

Completion Edit

Fhwoor's a good giant. We saved him from the naga a while ago and he's stayed here helping us with things ever since.

We can only hope that the naga will take the hint and realize that if we can infiltrate their village and steal their most prized possession, we can do much worse. Perhaps now they will return to their reservoir and leave us in peace?


To save trouble, clear the islands just to the east of the pump station of naga. There are two scripted spawns, one after picking up the ark, and the other after leaving camp. The second spawn has an elite with 35,000 health and two adds.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 13750 XP (or 8Gold 25Silver at level 70)

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