Quest:Feast at the Blue Recluse

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Alliance 32 Feast at the Blue Recluse
StartAngus Stern
EndAngus Stern
Requires Level 30
CategoryDustwallow Marsh
Rewards[Moist Towelette]

Completion Edit

My nephew said you aided him with his research in Dustwallow, and that you helped his associate out of a tight spot. Well, we Sterns stick together and we don't ignore our friends!

So wash your hands, <name>, because we're about to throw a party in your honor!

Cut scene upon completionEdit

Angus Stem says: All hail <name>, a <class> of worth!
Angus Stem says: Behold! The Blue Recluse holds a feast in his honor!
Steven Lohan says: Here here!
Joachim Brenlow says: Long live <name>!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv misc bandage 071010


You will receive only one Moist Towelette on this quest. The Blue Recluse will throw you a feast in which you can loot 20 Sweet Nectars, 3 Snapvine Watermelons, 3 Wild Hog Shanks, and 6 Rockscale Cods.

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